The Paesana Tradition

Rather than brandish a flashy logo on a gigantic awning, Paesana chose instead to fly under the radar, incorporating a measure of mystery to their location. “That was how our father wanted things,” laughs Lou Scaramelli IV, President of Paesana. “That was the old school mentality.” Lou and his sister Jacqueline Scaramelli-Massaro run the storied franchise that is Paesana with the same discipline and integrity their ancestors prided themselves on.”

In many ways, their father’s secrecy remains as Paesana is a national leader in manufacturing some of the most well-known sauces in the world. But good luck trying to figure out exactly which brands are manufactured by Paesana. “These are still closely held family secrets,” explains Jacqueline. For that matter, so is our process. There’s a reason we’re the leader in the industry and still the best kept secret. It’s how we were brought up and our clients and our customers trust us implicitly as a result.”

Paesana’s sauces and line of gourmet, specialty condiments are considered among the foremost premium brands in the country. And while outwardly they portray a small business profile, the operation is tremendous and surprisingly sophisticated. “Quality is everything,” explains Lou. “When you have something the public literally consumes and enjoys, it carries an enormous responsibility. It starts in the warehouse and manufacturing facility and ends on dinner tables around the country and everywhere in between.”

When our father moved the company here, it was a dormant facility and the last occupant was the wire shipment company. He figured it was no one’s business what went inside so he left the sign up for years.Lou Scaramelli IV


“The Jar with the Lady on it”

Paesana is more than a century old. The first sauce ever manufactured was in 1902 by the Scaramelli family. For decades in the early 20th Century, Paesana was a small batch, specialty operation that catered to New Yorkers. The Paesana brand itself was suspended in 1946 as the Premium Private Label manufacturing end of the company grew significantly and the family created custom sauces for high-profile buyers throughout the New York region. It wasn’t until 1994 that the younger Scaramelli family members brought back the Paesana brand in homage to their forebears. “The word Paesana means friendship, warmth and caring,” explains Lou. “We knew we created the best sauces on the market so we wanted to create a premium flagship brand that honored our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents.”

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“Every day we work with talented chefs and artists to produce something that everyone loves. If you think about the importance of communing around food it’s actually pretty humbling.”Lou Scaramelli IV
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Learn more about the Scaramelli family history, the Paesana process and recipes and our confidential Premium Private label services by exploring our site. You can also peruse our selection of family brand sauces and condiments and purchase directly from Amazon. If you’re a chef, restaurant, supermarket or brand interested in creating your own unique sauce for distribution, we would love to hear your vision and explore our capabilities with you. Making sauce is our passion and if you share our love of cuisine, we would love to meet to discuss the possibilities.

“We’re blessed,” says Lou. “Every day we work with talented chefs and artists to produce something that everyone loves. If you think about the importance of communing around food it’s actually pretty humbling. Family gatherings, important meetings, the biggest of life’s celebrations are all centered around food and we get to play a part in it. What could be better?”

Nothing, Lou.
Food is life.
And Paesana means friendship and warmth.
Truly ingredients for a happy life.