Consumer Products

If you’re looking for the most complete line of premium sauces and condiments to fill your cabinets, you’ve come to the right place. Since 1902, Paesana has been preparing the finest premium products in the nation. Our incredible line of condiments complement any meal and are a staple in every great chef’s home. Whether you’re preparing dinner for the family, entertaining guests or just treating yourself to a delectable home-cooked meal, Paesana has the perfect selection.

The Scaramelli family behind the Paesana brand is a fourth generation company. Our great-grandparents introduced our proprietary homestyle sauces to friends and family at the turn of the last century and we’ve been proudly serving these incredible sauces ever since. 100% of our tomatoes are sourced directly from Italy and our commitment to excellence is unparalleled in the industry. We hope you experiment with our entire line, enjoy every moment of preparing meals with us and share your experiences. Food is life and meant for sharing so feel free to leave your comments and reviews on our social media pages, try our family recipes and share your own with the ever-growing community of Paesana lovers.

And while we’re talking sauces and home cooking here, let’s be honest… Would you really trust anyone but a New Yorker to bring you the finest sauces and gravy on the planet?

We didn’t think so.