We’re in a fun and fascinating business. The food business is quite unlike any other in that it truly touches every human being. It provides sustenance and life, brings people together or excites and astounds. But these days, great food is so accessible that we’ve lost track of the journey. Most of us don’t really know how food makes it to our plates or the supermarket shelves so we thought it would be kind of, well, neat to take you on a few journeys to explain how it all happens here at Paesana.

The first journey is a look at the organic process. What does it mean to be truly organic and worthy of the USDA Organic distinction? One of our favorite topics is talking tomato. Most of our loyal customers are surprised (and the New Yorkers are a bit skeptical) when we explain that all of the tomatoes we use in our sauces are sourced and imported directly from Italy. Moreover, we don’t even think about slicing and dicing ‘em until we’re ready to mix them with their companion ingredients. So we thought we would take you along a typical Paesana tomato’s journey.

Then there’s Lou. Sweet Lou. Louis Scaramelli is the one who hand selects each crop of tomatoes to be used in Paesana and our exclusive clients’ sauces. Sometimes our clients make the journey with him because they can’t believe the owner of a fourth generation manufacturing giant like Paesana would still take this much time and care in the selection of our primary ingredient. And since we can’t all travel with him, we decided to bring his journey to you in a first-person travel diary that documents Lou’s travels throughout the Italian countryside, just like his great-grandparents did more than a hundred years ago.

Lastly, if you’re just hungry for some Paesana sauce, premium condiments or specialty olives, you can just enter your zip code into our store locator to find a Paesana distributor near you. Or, of course, you can order packages in bulk through Amazon as well if you prefer.

Whatever your pleasure, we hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do.

ripe tomatoes sitting in a box