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Private Label Pasta Sauces

Paesana Stocks The U.S. Pasta Sauce Market With Premium Private Label Brands

While consumers know Paesana brands from the supermarket shelves, most industry professionals know us as L&S Packing. Our family-owned company has been the Premium Private Label manufacturer for some of the top brands in the United States for decades.

For those who don’t know our company, the first and most obvious question that we’re often asked is who exactly is on our client roster. Well, to borrow a stereotypical (and extremely exaggerated) phrase, “we could tell you, but then we’d have to…” You know the rest.

While it’s a gross exaggeration indeed, the sentiment bears noting. One of the reasons Paesana is the most highly regarded premium private label pasta sauce manufacturing company in the United States is our extreme commitment to confidentiality. Your product is your product. And our word is our bond. (We actually have fairly extensive non-disclosure agreements that govern our contracts but it sounds much cooler to say it that way.)

Private Label Sauce Manufacturers

One of the great joys of our premium private label manufacturing division is the discovery process where we formulate the perfect blend of ingredients that inspire our customers, resulting in highly reputable premium private label brands. Watching a jar of sauce go to market with beautiful branding and the highest quality ingredients is what truly inspires our dedicated team of professionals. From the moment our partners step foot in our facility to discuss their product to the complete go-to-market rollout plan, the Paesana team is involved every step of the way in its private label sauces.

And research shows that shoppers want premium private label brands in their kitchen pantry. Check out this blog to learn how premium private label brands have grown in the marketplace.

Premium Private Label Brands

Many of our clients are seasoned distribution professionals in the premium private label brands industry. They understand our commitment to quality and service. Working alongside supermarket and grocery giants to discuss how we can help create and promote custom, premium brands that drive down costs but increase quality is our specialty.

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It's important to understand the market you're competing in and rely on professionals to light the way.
Jacqueline Scaramelli-Massaro

If you are a chef, restaurant owner or celebrity looking to create your own custom product and bring it to market, the Paesana team will assist in formulating the perfect sauce and guide you through a comprehensive go-to-market analysis to ensure success. It’s important to understand the market you’re competing in and rely on professionals to light the way.

If you are a supermarket or club store seeking to increase margins without sacrificing quality, the Paesana team is your go-to professional manufacturing partner.

Meal Kit companies looking to include high quality, small quantity ingredients on a mass scale in their kits have come to rely on Paesana for the most premium ingredients and condiments that make meal kits special.

The Paesana team is anxious to hear from you and explore options to bring your culinary visions to life.

Please take a moment to fill out the form below so we can better understand what you’re looking to achieve we’ll make sure the right person reaches out to you immediately.